I'm Thomas Breure, multidiscliplinary designer based in The Netherlands. Working at Nilsson.

My name is Thomas, multidisciplinary designer based in The Netherlands, working at Nilsson. I'm passionate about art and design, in its widest sense, stories from cultures and people around the world and I like to do put on my gloves and do some boxing for fun and training. My work ranges from brand identities, print and digital design to typography, concept thinking and art direction. 

Bergfood  |  Coca-Cola  |  DELTA  |  Djezfit  |  Garage Touw  |  HZ University of Applied Sciences  |  Inspiratiehuis 20|20  |  Jessica van Oorschot  |  Microsoft  |  Nationale-Nederlanden  |  Provincie Zeeland  |  Royal Dutch Shell  |  Siemens  |  VVV Zeeland  |  WVO Zorg

Alphabetical list of clients I worked for at Nilsson › NoSuchCompany › and individual freelance projects.

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