ZONDER. movie and campaign

ZONDER. (means 'without') is a Dutch online campaign and film about the life of freelance professionals. Every role in the project, crew and cast is completed by a freelancer.

Our client came up with the idea to co-create a film with and about freelancers. We created the online/social media campaign, website and various print materials and collaborated with director Johan Kramer to create the film. The film itself was created in collaboration with 38 independent professionals.

Agency: NoSuchCompany › Client: Nationale-Nederlanden. Creative field: Graphic design, Web design.


Online call from Johan Kramer to sign-up for the film project via zonderjougeenfilm.nl

Dutch newspapers, radio, websites and other media picked up the online call and a total of 760 freelancers signed up for the project.


ZONDER. the movie