My name is Thomas Breure, multidisciplinary designer based in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Working at Zichtbaar. I believe design is about creating impact, spark a connection and add value to the dialogue with your audience. This is why I think design should be simple and communicate the core idea or message of a project or organization. I'm passionate about art and design, in its widest sense, stories from people and cultures around the world and I like to do put on my gloves and do some boxing for fun and training.

Bergfood  |  Coca-Cola  |  DELTA  |  Djezfit  |  Garage Touw  |  HZ University of Applied Sciences  |  Inspiratiehuis 20|20  |  Jessica van Oorschot  |  Microsoft  |  Nationale-Nederlanden  |  Provincie Zeeland  |  Royal Dutch Shell  |  Siemens  |  VVV Zeeland  |  WVO Zorg

Alphabetical list of clients I worked for at Nilsson › NoSuchCompany › and individual freelance projects.