art director

Hello! My name is Thomas, art director and designer based in The Netherlands. Working at Zichtbaar. I help brands, companies, organisations and (cultural) events create impact by using design and visual communication.

My approach to design is to remove noise and communicate the core idea or message of a project, in a visually pleasing way. Through the years I've worked on a variety of projects in advertising, branding, signage, digital and graphic design.

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Selected projects

Bergfood - Boksclub DOS - Coca-Cola - DELTA - Djezfit - Garage Touw - Heijstek Haptotherapie - HZ University - Jessica van Oorschot - Microsoft - Nationale-Nederlanden - Piazza Italian Restaurant - Provincie Zeeland - Royal Dutch Shell - Siemens - VVV Zeeland - WVO Zorg - Zeeland Theaters

Alphabetical list of clients I worked with at Zichtbaar, Nilsson, NoSuchCompany and individual projects.