Garage Touw is a third-generation family company in the automotive industry, established in 1947. Ever since it’s founding they’ve worked with all types of cars and techniques and they're not bound to a specific car brand. Three generations later the company has expanded with a sales and import division. 

I was asked to create more structure in their corporate communication and to do a visual rebranding without losing the company history. The result is a renewed visual identity that respects the past but focusses on the future and generations to come.

Creative field
Branding, Graphic design, Identity design.

Creative team
Client: Garage Touw. Concept, Copy & Design: Thomas Breure.



Multiple divisions
The renewed visual identity allows Garage Touw to communicate from one specific division of the company and still be recognizable as Garage Touw. The color scheme is built on the past, making red and blue the most important colors.