Made at NoSuch. My role: graphic design, web design.

ZONDER. (means 'without') is a Dutch online campaign and film about the life of freelance professionals. Every role in the project, crew and cast is completed by a freelancer.

Client: Nationale-Nederlanden. Agency: NoSuchCompany › My role: 
Graphic design, Web design.

Our client came up with the idea to co-create a film with and about freelancers. We created the online/social media campaign, website and various print materials and collaborated with director Johan Kramer to create the film. The film itself was created in collaboration with 38 independent professionals.

On the right: online call from Johan Kramer to sign-up for the film project via Dutch newspapers, radio, websites and other media picked up the online call and a total of 760 freelancers signed up for the project.

ZONDER. making of and film